Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Slowly "coming back"

I am pulling it together and feel like I'll be ready to blog again very soon.

One of the treasures from my Mom's stuff is her counted cross stitch. I took all of her works in progress and I hope to finish them. Two of the three are nearly done.  I will post pictures....Mom was quite the artisan. This kit is the last one she finished. It hangs in my Dad's office and it is so beautiful. She said it was a very challenging one to do because there was a lot of outline and partial stitches, and lots of color changes. Mom was persistent and a stickler for quality. That's why it is so stunning.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have made it through the darkest part of this process, and I would like to come home. The weather is conspiring against me, though. I was supposed to fly out yesterday evening, but the flight got delayed due to late afternoon thunderstorms. As a result, I missed my connection in Charlotte, and there were no more options to Kansas City for yesterday.

It has been a hard week. I hate that I have to miss another day of work, but, what can you do?

I hope to be back writing about crafting really soon. Real life interferes sometimes, unfortunately.