Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Paper Crafting

Around Thanksgiving, I got the urge to make Christmas Cards. I wanted to make a few, to satisfy the urge, knowing that I couldn't possibly get enough done for my entire list (I am so blessed that I have a list so long!)

So I bought some supplies, glued and cut and trimmed and stamped and embossed.  I made about 20 cards, I think. Here is the one picture of my handiwork:

The ones with the snowflakes were a lot of fun to do. These are quilled - paper filigree.
ASIDE: funny that I like to QUILT and I like to QUILL. Heh.
My Mom, sister and I went through a quilling phase in the 1970s and I found it ironic that I wanted to do it again. It all started when I found an old quilling tool among my Mom's crafting items, while cleaning out her house. Then I found some quilling paper at Tuesday Morning. (I love that store, especially since they're expanding their craft aisle!)

Then the quilling tool broke while I was trying to widen the slit for the end of the paper. By that time, I had it in my mind and I was resolved! I bought a new tool set from Archivers and I'm on my way.

I also enjoy stamping. I had a great time making different designs with my stamps and embossing some of them. With gold ink and clear embossing powder, it looked like gold leaf designs!

Moving Forward

It has been a great and difficult year, 2012. I am hoping for better times in 2013, including more blogging and crafting. I don't know if that will happen, yet optimistically, I will try.  I will be faced with difficult decisions in 2013 as I assume more responsibility for my ailing father. Community is important and I'm going to need as much support as possible for what lies ahead.