Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 2011 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Trying something new. I found a scavenger hunt group on Flickr and thought it would be fun to participate. Since I was on vacation at the Disney resort area, wouldn't it be fun to do a scavenger hunt there? It made a great challenge to look for these rather non-typical things at the Disney parks.

I've been there about a dozen times. I've seen just about everything in the parks and done just about everything I've wanted to do at the Disney parks and resorts. Looking for these shots helped me see things in a new way.

My entire set is on Flickr. Here are a few fun ones, plus a couple bonus shots:

Scavenger item: a Cartoon Character
Who else??
This is from the Magical Express Bus Service logo

Scavenger item: Texture
Detail of Fencing Pillar at the China Pavilion, Epcot
Palm Tree bark

Scavenger item: Something Blue
Blue Raspberry Icee at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park

...and the inevitable result

There were two scavenger shots I could not find - "an interesting local building" and "a portrait in black and white." It didn't seem right to get a theme park building for the first one - the intent seemed like they wanted something from a real place where people live.  I don't know what to do about the portrait.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Post from The Happiest Place on Earth

Today I am writing from Walt Disney World on the final day of our vacation. It has been a good wrk to get away. Kansas City is still struggling to shake off winter, while here, it is 100% summer. It has been clear, sunny, with highs in the 90s every day. Sure beats the tornado warnings in Kansas City.

We have been to Star Wars weekend at Disney's Hollywood Studios, had a gourmet dinner at the California Grille on top of the Contemporary Resort, spent a day at Epcot (and saw our favorite a Capella group, "The Voices of Liberty"), spent a day at the Animal Kingdom. We even went rogue and took a day to go to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. We really wanted to see the new area called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and ride the Forbidden Journey ride. Success! It is a fun ride, definitely worth the trip.

Today, Friday, we go back to Epcot for the day. We cap off the day with a chef's prix fixe meal at Kouzzina, the restaurant formerly known at Spoodles at the Boardwalk resort.

I am trying to post some photos but it's tricky on the IPad.

Friday, May 20, 2011

While getting coffee today

I had to go to the dentist this morning for my 6-month cleaning. Even though it's really not that bad, I don't like going to the dentist. (yeh, who does?)  Well, I deserved a treat after that so I stopped by a little independent coffee house.

I happened to remember my coffee cozy. As I was the barista was stirring my skinny Dolce de Leche latte and forming the creamy heart in the foam, the barista says that he likes my coffee cozy. I said thanks, I made it myself!  No way! he says.

Crazy easy to make. I had some of the Insul-Bright batting (heat resistant) laying around, and I found a use for this cool Amy Butler fabric. I was delighted when I made one and, oh my gosh, it really works! It fits the cups and it insulates well!

I got the sense the barrista wanted me to talk about making them for his shop and selling them there. He was talked about trying to get the people he worked with in the developing countries to make them - something for the women to do to make money, while the men tended the coffee farms.

Made me think about selling again. The entire drive into work, I thought of all kinds of creative things to do with this pattern - patchwork, screen printing, sewn embellishment (rick-rack, piping, binding, lace), quilting, appliques, so many possibilities...

What do you think?

And it was a delicious Dolce de Leche latte. I'll be back to that coffee house.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Block of the Month

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I was trying a block of the month this year. It's through mail order, and they send me the pattern and the fabric at the beginning of every month. I have meant to post these blocks, since they're cute. Here they are!

The Block of the Month is called "Starry Night" and it's produced by Swirly Girl Designs. I did not see any of these designs before I signed up. Somewhat of a risk, but I figured if worse came to worse, I could always donate the quilt.





You could sign up for a "cool" colorway, a "warm" colorway, or Kaffe Fassett. Obviously, I chose the Kaffe Fassett. I don't have much Kaffe Fassett in my stash and thought it would be a good way to play with some without committing too much. 

The block of the month is run by Wish Upon a Quilt, a cute little shop in Raleigh, NC. They have an active online presence. The fabric sent for each block is generous  - they send just enough of the black (with a little room for error), and a whole fat quarter of each of the other two fabrics. That explains the price tag - this is not really a cheap BOM. It comes to around $15 a month (with tax and shipping). 

I'm pleased with the fabrics so far, although, I don't like the March block so much. In the picture, the contrast between the blue and the green appears more pronounced than it does in real life. The colors don't harmonize well, to me. However, sometimes a block like this adds more character to the quilt. 

The fabric for the May block arrived early this past week. I'd better get a move on!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorry, it's been a while

I really haven't been sewing much at's spring garden time and I've been trying to keep up with all the outdoor chores.  It just has to wait for a while.