Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 2011 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Trying something new. I found a scavenger hunt group on Flickr and thought it would be fun to participate. Since I was on vacation at the Disney resort area, wouldn't it be fun to do a scavenger hunt there? It made a great challenge to look for these rather non-typical things at the Disney parks.

I've been there about a dozen times. I've seen just about everything in the parks and done just about everything I've wanted to do at the Disney parks and resorts. Looking for these shots helped me see things in a new way.

My entire set is on Flickr. Here are a few fun ones, plus a couple bonus shots:

Scavenger item: a Cartoon Character
Who else??
This is from the Magical Express Bus Service logo

Scavenger item: Texture
Detail of Fencing Pillar at the China Pavilion, Epcot
Palm Tree bark

Scavenger item: Something Blue
Blue Raspberry Icee at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park

...and the inevitable result

There were two scavenger shots I could not find - "an interesting local building" and "a portrait in black and white." It didn't seem right to get a theme park building for the first one - the intent seemed like they wanted something from a real place where people live.  I don't know what to do about the portrait.

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