Sunday, June 5, 2011

Block of the Month, May 2011

Here is the block of the month for May 2011.


Overall I like it. It's a nice combination of small scale and larger scale prints with good contrast. I like blue and pink/purple, and that doesn't hurt!  It's a clever pattern - depending how you look at it, or what day you look at it, you see different patterns. Tilt your head to the right...see how different it looks on point? (hee hee)

I didn't notice the secondary pattern on the pink/purple squares until I took the picture. Notice the "Y" formation in black on some of the squares.  It's a result of the circles in the fabric pattern and the way I cut the patches.

Can you believe I actually finished it in May (even though I wait til June to post)?  The June block kit should be arriving early next week.

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