Monday, March 4, 2013

It's a long story...

I find myself in Charlottesville Virginia on a 6-week leave from work, caring for my elderly father who has had a health crisis. He's in a rehab hospital and he is getting better, but it's slow. The family has "taken over" and we are gearing up to sell the house and move Dad someplace safer.

To maintain my mental health, I need to create. I expected to play with my mother's old Kenmore, but I arrived to find it had been donated! Woe is me! Ultimately, we would have donated it, I just didn't think it would be gone already. Dad hadn't been very motivated to clean out the house on his own, so I was surprised he had taken it to Goodwill.

It's gone, but I still have a need. What to do?

It has been said: a credit card can solve a lot of problems. So, I bought a cheapie:

It makes a decent straight stitch and does 24 other stitches. Good enough! Now I need stuff to sew. What's a good project?

There is a new baby in the family and, uh, that's another a long story. At first I wanted to make a baby quilt when I saw this pattern at the Moda Bake Shop. However, no shops seem to have the Moda Honeycombs pre-cuts yet.

Then, Carla from Lollyquiltz posted about the burpcloths she's making for her new grandchild. What a great idea!  I went down to Cottonwood Quilt Shop and found a scrap bag filled with delightful girly prints (the new baby is a girl). Perfect!

Cottonwood is a delightful shop in Charlottesville at Barrack's Rd. Definitely worth a stop of you are in the Charlottesville/Central piedmont of Virginia area.

Spotted at Cottonwood: the Zigzagged Quilt pattern by Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio. The proprietor of this company is in the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. Yeah Shea!!

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