Monday, September 26, 2011

Perseid August 2011

Perseid August 2011 by LaurenRikrax
Perseid August 2011, a photo by LaurenRikrax on Flickr.
This is another one I've been working on. It's a mini quilt for auction at my guild's fundraiser. It's about 25" square. The name refers to the stars and when I made it: Perseid is a meteor shower in August.

It's a traditional pattern but has a modern color palette. In fact I chose the colors using a paint swatch collection I received in the mail in an ad from Ace Hardware. It sure made it easy to coordinate.

Most of the fabrics were from my stash but I bought a few to round out the chartreuse green selections. Some of the fabric was from the giant quilter's yard sale I attended in June (the orange and the lighter gray). The quilting is mostly straight line patterns enhancing the piecing.

This had way too many pieces!! OMG, when I started it I didn't realize how complicated it was. It looked easy in the magazine... famous last words.

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