Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Fab Shop Hop

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In February, I completed the Fab Shop Hop. It's a virtual "shop hop" where you have to go to various fabric/quilt shop websites, find a special icon (the "bunny") and register that you found it. It's a month long hop, and you really need a whole month. There are over 150 shops on the list! That's a lot of hopping!

You don't have to find all of the bunnies. There are prize levels for 75 shops, 110 shops, and 140 shops.  Still, getting even 75 shops takes some diligence. But, it's fun - sometimes there are special promotions as a part of the hop - sales at the shops, patterns that you build (randomly you find a block pattern when you register a find), and sometimes bonus bunnies for extra giveaways.  Sometimes you come upon a shop you know in the real world - like someplace you visited on vacation or where you used to live.

The point of all this hopping is to generate sales for the shops. It worked for me, this time.

I have a quilt top created from a "Layer Cake" precut pack of a Moda line called "Whimsy," a style from few years ago. I can't find it in shops any more, and I'd like to make the back out of the same line. It has a specific color palette I'd like to match. Sure enough, a few of the shops in the hop had some left over Moda Whimsy!  Better yet, since its an old design, these shops had it on clearance! Bonus!

I found my backing fabric at The Quilted B from Washington state. The shop owner sent the fabric promptly, wrapped with a pretty printed ribbon from their shop, with a handwritten note of thanks. Excellent customer service. I hope to shop there again!

You can download all these images from the Moda website!!

I investigated several of the shops while hopping, if the style of the shop appealed to me. I bookmarked several as favorite shops

Well, yeah, you do have to exercise restraint and not overspend! Don't go crazy.

I also signed up for a newsletter at Stitchin' Heaven in Texas - they organize quilting vacations, like cruises and bus tours! I think that would be crazy fun to do. And their newsletter is called Hot Flashes - too funny. Sign me up!!

I hope you try the virtual shop hop. Maybe you'll win something. At the least, you'll have some fun and maybe even find a unique gift at a shop

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