Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspiration comes from everywhere

First, let me say Wow! I got a few comments on my last post! What a real treat!

And, just to follow up the previous post (for posterity). The Jayhawks won on Saturday, and three of us quilters went down to Mass St (the main college street in Lawrence, home of KU) to check out the revelry. It was a phenomenon to see!

So, the KU men's basketball team played in the final game on Monday (last night), but lost to University of Kentucky. Still, it was a great run for the Jayhawks. I'm so proud to be associated with KU, however tangientially (I work for the University of Kansas Hospital).

At the retreat...

I finished my Whimsy quilt top and it turned out so very nice. Again, I gotta take a picture for my blog, here!  I did not finish all of the Starry Night block of the month blocks, but cut out the pieces for the last block. I kept getting distracted with making improvisational blocks from my scraps and snippings, for the block give-away. And, since I contributed the most blocks (only 4!) I won the prize: a sample pack of Oakshott cottons from the UK. Oakshott is not widely available in the US. I have not tried shott cotton fabric yet, so I'm eager to see for myself what all the excitement is about.

After the retreat I was so energized and inspired! I subscribed to at least 4 more blogs by my fellow guild members. Now I'm catching up on all of these creative blogs. I chatted with several people about what blogs they liked, but I didn't write any of them down, darnit. I also found out one of the guild members is planning to offer a photography class later in the summer. I could sure use tips and instruction on being a better photographer.

Now, onto today's topic: Inspiration in the Every Day

A robin has chosen our windowsill for a nest. It's just beautiful. Over the last week, a new egg would appear every other day or so. Sometimes I see mama sitting on the eggs, and this morning, she let me peek at her. She fits snugly in the nest and looks serious about her work.

The color: four perfectly formed, brilliant blue eggs. The nest: made with care using grasses, sticks, and a bit of polyester fiber fill procured from the neighborhood. Smooth inside. Rough outside.

Ah, spring! The earth is ready for renewal.

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