Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fret, fret!

My camera's out getting repaired and I'm fretting about not being able to take pictures. Everyone says the best blogs are all about pictures. I don't have any new ones to share!

Early summer time is a time of gardening, yard work, outdoor festivals and travel.

Needless to say, my quilting and stitching are not progressing quickly. I continue to progress on the cross stitch fingertip towel which I showed a few posts ago, and at the same time I completed a monogrammed tea towel from a Martha Stewart kit. Michael's had the kit on clearance so I grabbed it right up. I'm not super-experienced at embroidery, but this design only required a few of the easier embroidery stitches: stem stitch, french knot and backstitch.

Heh! No camera.....but I still have a scanner!  Here's the monogram on the tea towel. Rather sweet, wouldn't you say? It was easy and a lot of fun to do. I found the bird design very finely detailed on the pattern and it was a little difficult to follow when stitching. Unless you compare it to the original, though, you really don't notice any difference.


  1. Lauren, it's so fun to see what you've been up to...I love all the stitching you're doing! The community garden looks great. I imagine the plants are soaking up the hot, humid weather we're having today:)
    I was sorry to read that your father is struggling with his health--I'm glad you were able to go to VA for a while.
    I'm going to follow your blog so I can keep up with you...it was great getting to know you at the retreat!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Marilyn! Yes, I have enjoyed the stitching. I am almost done with the twin towel of this one - same design. The bunny towel is done, with only a few days left in spring.

  3. Awesome work Lauren, I really love this.
    I don't know how to stitch, If I, I would stitch your design.
    Thanks for sharing.