Friday, April 19, 2013


While I was still in Virginia, I decided the new baby in the family might like some bibs. There was a cute ladybug print in the scrap bag in a fairly large piece. Hmm. What could I do with that?

I found a pretty free pattern on A Spoonful of Sugar blog for "Boutique Baby Bibs."

I really needed size and proportions, not a specific design. Their designs were really cute and I was ready to do the hexagon design. But... when I put the tops of these together, I thought they were enough.

Lesson number one for downloading and printing patterns from the Internet:
  1. Check your PDF print settings. Make sure you're not printing with "reduce to fit page." 
Whoops. I had cut out and sewn the pieces together before I realized the pattern was too small. It was preemie size!  Reprinted and cut again.

I cut them out and put the tops together while in Virginia, and they arrived in my box last week. The back on the red one is green. The back on the green one is red.

Spoonful of Sugar has you use interfacing for substance and flannel for the back. I did a traditional quilt style with batting in between and fabric back. Quilting isn't necessary on theirs, but I like to quilt. As you can see, it's a simple grid design. The squares are 1-1/2" on the red one, and 1" on the green one.  Colorful and spring-y. I hope the family likes them and will really use them. These bibs are well made and tough, ready for spit up, slop, strained squash, and drool, and about a million trips through the washing machine.

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