Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crafting at Home Now

Back at home, and due to the small size of my luggage, I had to ship the quilt blocks (and my scraps, and the fabric I bought!) back home. I have made little further progress on the strip piecing. By the end of my stay, I was so busy with household things trying to wrap up, I barely had any time to sew.

While in Charlottesville, I completed a total of 10 blocks (I think...I can't remember!!) I was hoping to make 16, so when the box arrives on Tuesday, I can get back to work. However, I was running low on scraps. That's a good thing!

I couldn't possible be idle, though!

Here's my block for Douglass in KC Scrappy Bee.

He asked for an improvisational piece. I intended to include some of my fabrics, but this block emerged and it didn't need anything else... well... at least... that's my story and I'm sticking with it. I didn't intend to make a square - it just turned out that way.

I also picked up a quilting project I needed to finish up. This is a very small quilt (for my dog's crate) made from scraps from Bev's Garden Quilt. I messed up a bit when piecing that quilt's dark brown frames, such that I made too many green pieces with brown lines. I had a lot of frame pieces left over. I collected the scraps and fashioned them into a of pattern that pleased my eye. Now I'm practicing quilting designs in negative space.

The center portion of the quilt is a woodgrain pattern. The surrounding rows have those loops you see in the middle. The perimeter has a straight line design that makes random size rectangles filled in with straight lines. As you can see I used variegated thread. I like the effect overall, but in the straight line pattern, when you have to over-sew to get to a new area, the color is often different. So over-sewing is not so subtle

That's what I'm crafting on right now! Off to the sewing room.


  1. That is some great quilting--even if, as you said, it's just practice.

  2. Thank you! Practice, practice, practice.