Friday, June 18, 2010

Etsy Meetup - Kansas City!

Happy birthday Etsy!

In honor of their birthday (today, in fact!), has sponsored meetups of Etsy enthusiasts everywhere. They are using to bring people together locally on the same day, all over the world - I bet there's dozens of Etsy meetups going on right now, even as I write this post.

The meetup in Kansas City is going to be at Bon Bon Atelier this evening - I've heard of Bon Bon Atelier, but never been there before. Looks like a fun place....they say we'll be screen printing and making pennants and banners and party hats. I'm bringing a T-shirt for printing.

This is exciting - I'm just getting into home screen printing and maybe I'll find some other Yudu fans there.

One of my friends from quilt guild is also going - we'll drive up together.

I hope to post some pictures!

Here's the link to the Kansas City Etsy Meetup.

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