Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vision, goals, and what's what.

I created this blog to focus my creative energy and to help promote my little bitty etsy store: rikrax.etsy.com. I sell scrub caps in my store, but I have many more ideas...if I can only get them started!

I am a crafter hobbyist. My primary interests are sewing and fabric arts - the idea of making something beautiful that is useful is so appealing to me.  So, my crafting concentrates on quilting, fabric accessories, and home dec items.

Secretly, though, I have a little dream that one day I can play all the time with my crafting, professionally. You know, make money at it. It would be fun to teach classes, give lectures, sell handmade items, offer patterns, and maybe even lead an original block-of-the-month club. Wow. Maybe someday.

For now, I like making scrub caps out of pretty fabrics with unique embellishments and designs.  Even though I haven't sold too many hats on rikrax.etsy.com, I have sold 20 scrub hats at work at the hospital.

At Thanksgiving, I acquired a Yudu home screen printing machine. It sat in my craft room for 6 months before I finally tried it out. (I know, that's horrible....but haven't you done something like that, too? Go on, admit it!)

Oh my gosh, what fun!  Although I've only done a little bit so far, I am so excited about the possibilities. I think my first series of posts here will be a tutorial with tips for Yudu. The instructions that come with the machine are minimal, at best, and I thought it would be useful to talk about my experience as I become a Yudu expert. Keep on reading....

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