Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Sharp Cutter Blade

Sure, it makes sense, intellectually. A sharp blade on the rotary cutter will make your task so much easier and more pleasant. But how many of us put it off? We think we're being thrifty (after all, blades cost over $5 each!) and environmentally conscious (less waste to the landfill). We humor ourselves that our current blade is really not that bad.

How many times must we learn this lesson???

Yesterday, I changed the blade on my 45mm Olfa rotary cutter and it was like night and day. It just licked through the trimmings of my hexagon blocks. It made the task so much more pleasant.

We need to use good tools - this hobby, this passion, we have - what is the point of annoying ourselves with poor quality tools?

Use that 40% off coupon next time you go to Hancock Fabrics and get a new, sharp blade. You deserve it.

(Just noticed that Hancock Fabrics has the five pack of blades on sale for $14.99 starting today 3/17/11. Great deal!)

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