Thursday, April 7, 2011

Holy moley

I have been playing with my sewing machine attachments, and, oh my gosh, they work! Sitting in a box for 20 years, and they still work!  Not only that, they work really well!

The one that astounded me was the binder. It was magical...thread the binding in, slide in the fabric to be bound, and out the other end comes bound fabric with even stitches. The only challenge was going around tight curves.

The ruffler makes ruffles with such precision. It's so mechanical - it has ratchets and springs, it has levers that go in and out, it has screws and numbers etched into the sides, and it clicks and clacks as it works. In this world of electronics, it's almost revolutionary to see a mechanical gadget in action.

I had pretty good success with a hemmer, too. Those are a little tricky to use, because you have to keep the feeding mechanism "full" of fabric. The fabric wants to slip out. It's rather uncanny how it folds under a 1/8" of the edge of the fabric and feeds it to the needle without losing its grip. No ironing required.

I must post pictures soon!

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