Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Pile of Projects

Getting ready for guild by ava99riley00
Getting ready for guild, a photo by ava99riley00 on Flickr.
Over the weekend, I packed up the projects I've been preparing all month to send to the guild meeting. Once again, I could not go to the meeting, but one of my committee members picked everything up to have available for members.

Usually there's a mix of projects, heavy on the piecing. This time, the offerings were mostly binding and quilting projects. Two smaller projects to put on inner and outer borders on some Split Decision pattern tops. All of these projects were worked on during guild's charity workday last month.

My contribution is mainly to organize these projects and get them ready for others to pick up. I whip together backing fabric and make lots of binding. I cut batting, and package it all up neatly. I make them look like gifts or packages of bedding like you see in the department store. Presentation is essential to getting members to take a project home.

In the lower left corner you can see my charity quilt with the squares quilting design, ready to receive a binding!

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