Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shout out...Quilted Memories, LLC

I found a local (to me) business when searching for a batting supplier for my guild. It is called Quilted Memories, a home-based business in Overland Park Kansas. They're a Hobbs distributer for long arm quilters, but they also sell packaged batting, bolts, as well as rolls. The primary business owner is Lyn Heilman. She was pleasant, professional, and easy to work with. Just to disclose, I really didn't have a complicated transaction to negotiate.

Their retail prices are good, and their wholesale prices are better. For the guild's charity projects,  we were able to take advantage of the wholesale price, with proof of Non Profit status. This was especially advantageous for the guild because we didn't have to pay shipping  I could just drive there and pick it up!

Quilted Memories sells to individuals, and they ship all over the place.

Quilted Memories sells thread and quilting gadgets in addition to batting. There may be fabric in the near future. She mentioned she's trying to establish a small shop in a front room of her house, and it was in the set up stages at this time. It looks like it will be a cute little shop.

I got a roll of low loft polyester batting at Lyn's recommendation. We'll see how it works in practice, but I think it will be fine. Our group tends to like thin batting better.

So, a shout out to a new business, helping folks get established. Check out their website: Quilted Memories, LLC.

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